Ava’s First Christmas, New Year, and the 7 pounder club!

Good afternoon everyone! We wanted to share a few things with you about our sweet baby girl and how she is doing at home and over the holidays. As the title states, Ava is officially in, and almost OUT, of the seven pounder club! Can you believe it? December 14th was her due date, so today puts her exactly one month, four days old, and her gestational age at four months, four days old. She had a doctor appointment on Monday and was officially 7 lbs, 15.7 oz, her head circumference is 14.33 inches and she is 20.47 inches tall! What a big baby!! We are sure she has hit the 8 pound club by now! The doctor had nothing but great things to say about her growth and development so far. We are so very blessed and thankful each day for how great God is. He absolutely answered all of our prayers – and yours too. Thank you again for the support and love you have for Ava. She is one special baby.

As you can imagine, this Christmas was the most special Christmas for our new little family. Ava was able to attend her first Christmas mass at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Ann Arbor, where Evan and I were married. The church looked so beautiful and Ava especially liked the organ [photo below]. Ava was able to see all of her grandparents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, along with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin. Ava also met her first dog – Katie! Katie liked Ava, but probably enjoyed the sounds and squeaks of Ava’s toys more. Ava got some really cool presents, such as a baby/toddler scale so we can weigh her every day! Also, a cool ornament, some super cute clothes, even a chair for Michigan Game Day to grow into! As you can tell, we really love taking photos of Ava!

As far as New Years Day, Ava was able to spend the day with family as well and had a fantastic dinner with everyone. Even though the outcome of the Michigan game wasn’t what we wanted, we still had a great time!

Here are some photos to catch you up on Ava’s growth. We are looking very forward to going to the Developmental Assessment Clinic at the hospital, but that is not until April. Until then, we will focus on playing with her developmental toys, grabbing her own hands, holding her head up, Dad says even teaching her to stand….! : )

Thank you again for always being so supportive and sending your love. We loved the Christmas cards you sent, the gifts, the texts, emails, and the visits. We continue to realize each day how lucky we are.

Jennifer, Evan and Ava