Monday night, August 21st, 2012 was an extremely normal night in the Chopp household. If anything we were extremely excited, because we had an ultrasound the next day for our baby girl who was due December 14th. But that Tuesday morning, things started to change when Jen started leaking amniotic fluid. At that moment, we did not know exactly what was happening, but we would soon find out that Jen’s water had broke (PPROM) at only 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Because of the PPROM, Jen would have to stay in the hospital until we delivered our baby girl. While we were hoping for a long stay, Doctor’s and statistics told us that 50% of women would go into labor in the first 48 hours and babies born before 24 weeks had a 30% or less chance of survival. While this was very difficult to hear, especially after losing our son Gerard at 16 1/2 weeks in November 2011, we had a choice in front of us. We could be mad, angry, question why and overall be negative, or we could choose to be hopeful, positive, continue to pray, and be thankful for every day. In the attached blog, I hope you will clearly see what decision we made.

On September 14th, 2012, Ava Lillian Chopp was born 13 weeks early. Jen broke all of the statistics by carrying Ava for 24 days after her water broke. The attached blog outlines our journey in the hospital, through Ava’s birth, and ultimately Ava’s growth and development.

For whatever reasons you may be reading our blog, we hope that it helps you in some way. In general we look back on what we considered a “bad day” prior to this all occurring and in reality was it really a “bad day”? If we have learned anything in this process it is to be thankful for EVERYDAY, because you never know what tomorrow will bring you.

Thanks for reading,
Evan, Jennifer, and Ava Chopp


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  1. Jennifer, Thank you so much for aIlowing me to share in Ava’s journey. Little does Ava (and her parents) know the inspiration they are having on so many people. Your posts remind me of how miracles are given to us by God every day. God’s strength to you all, and keep going beautiful Ava!

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