Hope for PProm and Preemie Parents!

Quick post tonight… But I was just reflecting on the first couple days and nights when Jen’s water broke and she was leaking amniotic fluid.  I remember Doctors explaining that her condition was considered PProm and that the probability of her going into labor soon was high, which in turn would mean we would have an extremely premature child with low survival chances.  I realize now why the Doctors had to inform us of this information, but at that time I just wanted to have HOPE.   Hope that we could fulfill our dream of having a happy and healthy baby.  I remember googling “PProm”, then “PProm success stories”, then “preemie success stories”, and so on trying to find stories of HOPE.  I found them, but they were more difficult to find than I thought.  So while the initial intentions of this blog were to keep family and friends informed, it has now transformed into more than that for our family.  Our HOPE is to be that story of HOPE for other families who go through a similar situation as we endured. 

So with that I am extremely proud to share that after Jen’s water breaking at 23 weeks… And delivering Ava at 27 weeks… And Ava weighing 1lb. 10oz. At birth… And not even being on the growth chart for months… Our daughter Ava Lillian is now in the 99th percentile for height!!!   And in the 74th percentile for weight!!!  And an extremely happy and healthy girl!!  We could not feel more blest and thankful and HOPE our blog gives another family HOPE!

Evan, Jennifer, and Ava


2 thoughts on “Hope for PProm and Preemie Parents!

  1. You are truly blessed! This is a story after giving birth, is a happy, happy, ending. She is a precious and special baby.

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