Ava update… Almost 2 1/2… What a miracle!

So… Recently we have had a handful of people read or re-read our blog… Sharing with us how much they appreciated us bringing them along on our journey.  And while the last blog post is extremely positive, the reality is Ava’s story has gotten even better over the past 2 years.  To put it as simply as possible, Ava is a completely normal 2 1/2 year old girl!  Above average weight over 31 lbs (a long way from 1lb 10oz.)… 90th percentile in height (crazy since both of us are not tall)… And on or ahead of pace for all speech, motor, and other skills.  Ava knows about 10 US capitals (her favorite is Honolulu) and can do puzzles better than many kids double her age!  Most importantly she has ZERO complications at this moment due to her prematurity.  I share this not to brag or to make others whose prematurity battle might not have gone as smoothly feel down, but I share for those who supported us from day 1… To say THANK YOU and show the power of positivity, support, and prayer!  I also share for those who stumble upon our blog while searching PProm or premature pregnancy, and hope it might help them get through their journey and embrace the fact that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!   So thank you thank you for all of your support and please continue to remember… EVERYDAY IS A GOOD DAY!  

Evan, Jennifer, and Ava Chopp

(PS…. Below I have posted a couple of pictures of Ava… Too many to choose from, but also an annoucement of our family as the March of Dimes Ambassador Family for 2015!  Proud to support this incredible organization that was a huge assistance throughout our time in the hospital and NICU). 


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