Ava gets her first bath in a tub! Eye test results, PFO

After the Michigan win yesterday, we of course went to see our little angel and wow, she must have been pumped about the overtime victory! She was fed at her normal time of 4pm and took 50mLs of milk! The feeding before that, she took 48mLs of milk. Her minimum is 35 mLs, so this is quite a bit. She did not even want to break for a burp, she just kept drinking and drinking! We thought she would be so tired after that, but as I sat by her bed side for 2 hours after the feeding, she was still moving around like crazy! We read a book to her, played on her Boppy pillow, took photos and videos, took off and put back on again her hat and socks, sang to her, told her about the game, told her about how we are getting her room just perfect for her and she was still a wiggle worm! Her stats all were great and her incubator was still down to 28.1 degrees celsius. This girl is on a roll! P.S. Check out that hair below…it’s getting longer!

Since this week was so busy, we did not have a chance to post about Ava’s first bath in a tub. The tub was a hospital tub and as you can see below, Ava’s nurse put a heat light on her so she wouldn’t get too cold. She has really changed in the last 8 weeks, as you can see as well. She definitely has some pipes on her too…when she didn’t know why she was being undressed and taken out of her isolette, she definitely cried pretty loud. Then when we were pouring the warm water on her, she really liked it. It was adorable because she was holding on to my finger like she was saying, “Mom, protect me!” She liked when we were washing her hair too. What a great first bath! You wouldn’t think that would tire a baby out so much, but for preemies it takes a lot out of them. She was tired for about two days after, not taking her full feedings and not being as active. What a fun memory though, she was so cute in the tub.

Ava had her follow up eye appointment as well from 2 weeks prior, and the results are positive! No abnormalities so far, although her eyes are not fully developed, still only being 35 weeks. She has another follow up in 2 weeks to see her progress. We are so thankful yet again!

Finally, something that we have not written about is a heart murmur that the doctors have been hearing on and off during Ava’s journey in the NICU. It is very common with preemies, even newborn babies, to have some sort of a heart murmur when they are born. It was not too concerning for Ava, as she did not have any other symptoms and was able to come off the oxygen support and did not have any episodes that would tell the doctors the murmur was something she may not be able to grow out of. The doctor this week, however, decided to schedule a consult with the cardiologist to check Ava’s murmur. It is indeed, what they had thought – something that she will most likely grow out of. It is called a PFO, or a small Patent foramen ovale. It is a hole between the left and right atria (upper chambers) of the heart that fails to close naturally soon after a baby is born. The nurses continue to check her daily, which is standard for all preemies in their care, and will follow up with Ava’s pediatrician after discharge. I was actually able to hear it myself and it is a very faint sound that occurs between each beat. Again, we are optimistic because the doctors are as well and continue to pray.

If you haven’t done so, take a moment today to be thankful. We are absolutely so happy for our little angel and everything we have! Have a great rest of your weekend and Happy Veterans Day to all of those that serve for our freedom. We are so lucky.

Jennifer, Evan, and Ava









One thought on “Ava gets her first bath in a tub! Eye test results, PFO

  1. AHHH…There’s nothing like a nice warm bath! So sweet. Some day in the future, Frank has a really funny story to tell you about a foramen ovale. It’s a good one.
    We will pray for Ava’s sweet little heart. All WILL be well.
    Love ALWAYS, Amy

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