Ava hits 4 lbs. !

Good afternoon everyone. Jen and I could be at the Michigan vs. Northwestern game right now, but we are simply too exhausted. So instead, you all get another blog update while we are watching the game. Well the title says it all… Yesterday, Ava turned 8 weeks old and she has come from being born at 1 lb. 10 oz all the way to above 4 lbs!!! She is actually now 4 lb. 3 oz which is simply CRAZY to think about. She is such a fighter and so stinking cute!!

The weight gain is a good thing for multiple reasons, but one of the most important reasons is so Ava can keep herself warm. Ava is still in her incubator and before she can come home, she must be able to maintain her body temperature. As of this morning her incubator was set to 28.1 degrees celsius, which is VERY CLOSE to being able to try her in a crib. If she is in her incubator for 24 hours at 28 degrees celsius and her body temperature stays normal, then they will put her in a crib. Like I said earlier, this is a must in order for Ava to come home, so we will take any additional body fat for warmth (so keep slamming those bottles, Ava)!

Below are some pictures of 4 lb. Ava and her cute clothes. All of the nurses loves changing Ava, because they get to go into her “closet” and pick out an outfit. Halftime of the game…14-14… Go Blue! And as always have a great day and thank you!

Evan, Jen and Ava






3 thoughts on “Ava hits 4 lbs. !

  1. Awwww, I was thinking how much I love Ava’s little hands and SURPRISE, the next picture was a close up! Such a blessing! She’s growing so fast it is hard to imagine almost quadrupling your weight in 8 weeks! Thank you Dear God for not letting the rest of us do that!!! Can you imagine…
    “On the 12th day of Christmas, I gave to myself; FOUR hundredddd Pounds!”
    So many prayers are being answered everyday! Yee Haa for God and Ava!
    Love & Hugs,

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