Ava gets her Nasal Cannula taken off!

Good evening everyone. Life has been keeping Jen and I busy, but I know I owe all of you an update. Plus, we have some new followers to the blog due to Ava’s Story being posted on Project Sweet Peas Facebook page (picture below). It has been a great week so far for Ava and we will probably do multiple posts to get you all up to date.

The BIGGEST news is that Ava is back to ZERO oxygen support and is completely breathing ON HER OWN! While she has done this before, Jen and I are hopeful that she will be off oxygen support for good. The nasal cannula was actually taken off this past Saturday and she has not shown ANY signs of needing to go back on. A nice side benefit to the tubes being out is being able to see her cute little nose better and play with it (don’t worry, I am gentle).

On that note, we actually saw Ava with NO TUBES for almost 24 hours. Ava had been eating her bottle so well that when she was due for her feeding tube change, they decided to just not put the tube back in until she didn’t finish a feeding. Well, you guessed it, our tough little Ava went 8 FEEDINGS until she just got too tired. Her current feedings are up to 32mL, so that is a lot of work and she had to get her feeding tube put back in. We were so proud of her (of course we are always proud of her, so I guess we were extra proud…) and it was such a joy to see Ava COMPLETELY supporting herself, even if it was only for a couple hours. We know it is only a matter of time until the feeding tube will come out for good too!

Well, that is it for now. Like I said, more updates soon to follow and as always we are SO thankful for everyday and for all of your support.

Evan, Jen, and Ava








2 thoughts on “Ava gets her Nasal Cannula taken off!

  1. Happy-tears and big grins!!! I can just hear Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t She Lovely”!!!!…Daddy is in love! Look at that contented smile and total relaxation, in her flowered pjs, without the tubes!
    Awesome Ava is on her way and time without tubes will be longer and longer! Thank you
    so much for sharing, I know your time is at such a premium. We are SOOOO happy for your sweet family! Hearts filled with Love, Thanks & Prayers Always, Amy & Frank

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