Ava finishes her first FULL bottle!

Ava is now 6 weeks old! Fridays are always such a great day: One, because it is the weekend and Two, because Ava gets a week older!!! And even though she is already 6 weeks old, she is still 7 weeks before here due date (December 14th). Really makes you think about the miracle of life.

The biggest update for Ava is that she took her FIRST FULL BOTTLE!!! Jen was feeding Ava and it was incredible to watch Ava figure out how to suck on the bottle, swallow the milk, and remember to breath. Plus have enough energy to do that all. Before this feeding with Jen, the most milk Ava had taken was 18mL… then it was like BOOM and Ava took ALL 28mL!!! So cool that Jen and I were there for her first full bottle. After that Ava took 3 more full bottles….seems like she is really catching on. Such a cute little girl!!!

Ava is now up to 3lb. 3oz. and today she gets her eyes checked, which is a big test. As I have said before, preemies eyes sometimes are not fully developed and can require surgery. So hopefully the test comes back fine and we do not have to go down that road. A couple other updates are that Ava got taken off of her caffeine dose because she has had very few episodes (where she forgets to breath and HeartRate goes down). She did get put back on a small course of diuretic (Only 6 doses over 3 days) to flush out any excess fluids in her body. And her diaper rash is getting better. Finally she is still on the nasal cannula at 23 – 28% air flow.

Big weekend ahead, because we have Ava’s first party (her Baby Shower) and it is my Birthday on Sunday. Also, a big sports weekend with the Tigers, Wolverines, and Lions all having big games. Hope each of you have a great weekend and thank you for all the support.

Evan, Jen, and Ava







6 thoughts on “Ava finishes her first FULL bottle!

  1. I can’t believe she is taking a bottle already! We didn’t even start with the girls until 34weeks! That Ava is a tough little girl! I love the blog, its a great way for us far away to keep up! Good luck with the eye test, she’ll do great! Big hugs from DC! ♥ The Nelsons

  2. We are so happy to see the progress that she is making. We continue to think of her and watch her progress. Your friends at the Chicago Lighthouse.

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