Ava says “Go Blue!”

So yesterday, Ava turned 5 weeks old! Wow! On one hand this process has seemed so long and it has been exactly 60 days since Jen’s amniotic fluid started leaking. That means Jen and I have been at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn for 60 straight days (only a 35 minute drive, but wow when you make the drive everyday it gets old). But, on the other hand time has flown by and as soon as we get to the hospital we forget about everything else. Ava is just so perfect and such a miracle…. when we see her all of our troubles, problems, and concerns completely fade away. Ava makes us slow down and think about what is truly important in life…

Ava is now up to 2lb. 14 1/2oz. While this is great news (and I can’t believe she is getting close to 3lb.), Jen and I are a little concerned that she might be retaining water. Yesterday when we saw her it seemed like her legs were a little puffy. We let the doctors know and they were going to wait a day or so to see if she needed another diuretic to flush the excess fluid. Ava has continued to bottle feed. The most she has taken is still 15mL (currently getting 24mL every 3 hours), but she continues to try and took 11mL for Jen today.

Jen is still not feeling great, but she is feeling good enough to go to the UM/MSU game today (people continue to tell us to do stuff for ourselves…). Since birth, we have taken we have taken some photos of Ava in her Michigan gear, so what a good day to post them! The first is while Ava was really young, and it is Jim Pomeraning’s (Grandpa) Michigan Class Ring on her arm. The others are from last week and the final one is from today. Hope you all have a great day, love you all, and Ava says “GO BLUE!”.

Evan, Jen, and Ava








3 thoughts on “Ava says “Go Blue!”

  1. Oh that little bitty arm with Jim’s ring…Unimaginable! Jen, I know this is a crazy thing to say to you, but you have to get some rest! It is the best medicine to help you heal.

    Congratulations on the BIG BLUE WIN!!!!
    Love you all!

  2. Love love love!!! Keep on blogging! Ava’s page is bookmarked in my internet so I can check her progress. Still praying and thinking of you all, can’t wait to see you guys get sweet sister home!

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