Ava’s First Bottle!

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone… Since I have gone back to work, it has been more difficult to keep the blog updated during the week. Jen definitely wants to do some posts (and she did a couple, could anyone tell which ones?), but unfortunately she has started to feel bad again. We went to the doctor yesterday and they think she might have a bladder infection. I know…. I feel so bad for her too. She started another antibiotic yesterday, so hopefully it will go away soon.

Onto Ava…. I guess a lot has been going on. First, Ava was starting to look a little puffy and her oxygen levels were not improving. So the doctors decided to put her on a diuretic for 2 days to help flush the excess fluid out of her body. The diuretic seemed to be successful. Ava definitely flushed some excess fluid and actually lost weight for 2 straight days (dropped from 2lb. 12oz. to 2lb. 10oz). But since then, she has been breathing better with lower oxygen support and is almost back to 2lb. 12oz.

Then, yesterday Ava got her first bottle (a bunch of pictures below)!!! As most of you know, Ava has been solely getting her milk through a tube in her nose, but yesterday she got her first milk orally through a bottle. This a big step in a preemies development, because they have to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time. Incredible that she is doing this and still 2 months premature.

Ava has been getting 24ml of breast milk each feeding and during her first bottle feeding she took 6mL. You could tell this was really tiring for her, but she did well and didn’t have her heart rate or respiratory levels fall. We tried again at her next feeding, but she was still pretty pooped out and only took 4mL. Then today we tried again and Ava did incredible!!! She took 15mL of the 24mL and it seemed like if she had the energy she would take the whole bottle! Simply amazing that after one day she learned so much.

Hope everyone is doing well and appreciating each and every day! As we have said multiple times in this blog, everyday is SO SPECIAL! We continue to be very thankful for our family and friends support. The amount of prayers, cards, gifts, etc has been astounding. We do not know how we would have gotten to this point without this support and know we will continue to need it as we move forward (and closer to Ava coming home). Thanks again everyone and have a good night.

Evan, Jen, and Ava 20121018-171919.jpg20121018-171911.jpg20121018-172022.jpg20121018-172438.jpg





5 thoughts on “Ava’s First Bottle!

  1. SO sweet, so beautiful, so miraculous,,,I am in happy tears! Ava looks so snuggly, sleepy and full.
    This is the best news ever! AND, I love the fashion show! Evan, do not ever appologize for not being able to post often, What you are able to do is plenty of news and is amazing considering all you have going on. I know I speak for everyone! Any word is wonderful and the all prayers will always continue to flow with all the love in the world from all of us to all of you. Priority #1: Take care of our girls and yourself…AND Drink that cranberry juice and LOTS of water Jen. XOXOXOX

  2. You can really see that she’s growing in these pictures!!!! I love the outfits!!!! I can’t believe she’s taking a bottle already! Good job, Ava!

  3. Evan and Jen,
    I can’t wait to show Ava’s pictures to our Daughter and Son-In-Law who are coming to visit from Canada this weekend. They are both Doctors. Ava is such a beautiful miracle. We are praying for her daily.

  4. Can’t help but laugh, Ava is Evan’s girl — with the sinus issues and all, LOL!! Love all of the photos. She is getting bigger.

    Is her hair slightly red??? I’d love her to be a redhead. 🙂

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