Ava gains 1 lb. since birth

As the title states, Miss Ava has gained 1 lb. since being born 4 weeks and 1 day ago. She weighed in at 1195 grams last evening, which is just over 2 lbs, 10 oz.! We are so proud of our little girl. Some of the preemie clothes are even getting a little snug, which is just unbelievable for us. Ava continues to eat 22 ml per feeding and is still off the food pump, which allows her to eat a lot faster then 2 hours – it only takes about 20 minutes. She is getting closer to feeding from bottle/breast. It may be as early as next week!

We have continued to Kangaroo, which again is so comforting not only for Ava, but for us as well. We have also been holding her; as she continues to grow it is getting harder to kangaroo! The photo below shows how she is right when she begins to eat, which is wide-eyed and alert. It is great to see all of her facial expressions already. What a doll!

We continue to care for Ava, including taking her temperature, changing her diaper, wiping her eyes and mouth, changing her leads and blood-oxygen sensor, changing her clothes and bed [see Daddy loves me and MC Hammer pants, the bug wrap (Thank you again Stacey and JD) and the leopard print onesie (Thank you again Jake and Julie) below], changing her blankets, even brushing her hair! I loved doing that so much. Evan hasn’t done that quite yet but I am sure will soon enough. We love taking care of her.

We are off to Michigan Gameday now…everyone keeps telling us to do something for ourselves, so I guess this is it. Looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends there and hopefully it doesn’t rain too much. Thanks again for all of the support and prayers….it is truly helping us SO MUCH! Have a great day.

Jen, Evan, and Ava









2 thoughts on “Ava gains 1 lb. since birth

  1. Fantastic news, Ava!!!!! Keep up the good work, sweet one. You’re so adorable in your leopard print onesie. You’re a wonder (and so are your mom and dad!)

  2. Oh just look at our “big girl”!!! As pretty as her mama! Hope you had a great time at the game.
    You two have earned a date! Love Amy Kohair

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