Ava turns 3 weeks old!

3 weeks ago today at 9:22am, Ava Lillian was born. WOW, I cannot believe 3 weeks have already gone by! She was born on a ventilator, with an IV, required phototherapy, and ONLY weighed 1lb. 10oz. Now three weeks later she ONLY has her feeding tube, is still breathing on her own (has been since Day 6 in NICU), looks beautiful (I had to throw that in there), and weighs 2 lb. 1oz (yes she gained another ounce last night)! What a MIRACLE journey so far.

Speaking of the feeding tube, the soonest they would try to remove the tube and feed Ava orally would be 2 weeks from today (32 weeks gestation). How she handles and accepts oral feeding will be a big determinate on when she can come home. In terms of Ava coming home, the soonest Ava could come home is 4 weeks from today (34 weeks gestation). So that date would be November 2nd. From the beginning of the process though the Doctors have always had a goal of by Thanksgiving and we would be ECSTATIC if she was home with us by then.

In terms of thank you’s, I could write a book with so many names of people and the things each of you have done for us…. But I have to just throw a couple out there. First, as many of you know, Jen and I are pretty healthy eaters and prefer to eat home cooked meals. With everything going on that has been extremely hard, so when our friends J Mike and Anna brought over homemade chili, cornbread, and fresh cheese it couldn’t have been better timing! Then yesterday we received a MASSIVE box from Washington DC. It was from our friends Jake and Julie who had 2 premature twin daughters themselves (Their daughters Larkin and Adelyn are healthy and beautiful!). In the box were all of their daughters preemie baby clothes…. Just an INCREDIBLE act of kindness. WE were overwhelmed with the gesture and the clothes were SO CUTE!

Thank ALL of you again for what you have done for us. We are so grateful to have met so many wonderful people in our lives cannot say thank you enough. Below are a couple pictures from last night. Ava actually fits into a preemie hat now (kind of…) and we had her hold Jen’s wedding ring…Pretty sweet. Hope you all have a good Friday.

Ava, Jen, and Evan




3 thoughts on “Ava turns 3 weeks old!

  1. Love it, Evan! And such great news too. I look forward to seeing all of the pictures you take with common objects :). Would be great for a book (hint hint) of the size and scale of the tender miracles know as premature bambinos.

  2. We are glad that she is doing so well! Hunter loves all the pictures, he has been very concerned about her and loves all the updates. He is such a protective big brother to Sami and he’s looking out for Ava too! We still say lots of prayers for all of you. Give her some snuggles from all of us.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday dear Ava Lillian,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy three weeks, sweet little one! Jesus is watching over you every step of the way!

    Lots of love and hugs to you and your Mommy and Daddy!
    Ron and Annie

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