The title says it all!!! Ava was weighed tonight and she came in at 920 grams… So for us not on the metric system, that equates to slightly over 2 pounds!! She has gained 170 grams since birth, which is in no other words… MIRACULOUS! Ever since she has been getting the fortifier in her breast milk, it has really seemed to help her gain weight. Jen and I our just so proud of our daughter who has already taught us so many life lessons only 19 days after birth.

Below I included a couple pictures. One is her birth announcement (and yes we know they spelled length wrong, but we didn’t want them to redo). Then I placed a quarter on her hand in the birth announcement to show how small her hand was completely extended (many of you have asked me to do something like this). I also took one of her diapers and placed it next to a folded in half $50 bill (no I am not a baller with $50 bills, we just got a refund for our child birthing classes). Finally, I included one of her early pictures and one from today to just show how far she has already come.

This moment is kind of emotional for us, because we truly do not feel like we would be at this point without all of our family, old friends, and new friends. And while we have already come so far as a family, we still have a long way to go, so we appreciate the continued prayers and support. Thank you again for everything and continue to remember to appreciate each day… THEY ARE ALL SO SPECIAL!

2lb. Ava, Jen and Evan

PS…Jen’s Doctor appointment went well and they feel like her incision looks MUCH better. Based on the visit today there is no follow-up appointment scheduled and Jen continues to improve each day!







3 thoughts on “AVA HITS 2 POUNDS!!!!

  1. SIMPLY AMAZING AVA!!! Your cousins in TN ask about you everyday and can’t wait to meet you!! Keep being so “tough, brave” and tell Mommy and Daddy to keep taking pictures of you to share with us!!
    The Nashville, TN Grondas

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