Eating more and Gaining some Weight!

Good evening everyone. Hope the week has started well for all of you. It has been a pretty good week so far for Ava. 2 days ago, she wasn’t taking the milk fortifier and had her feedings decreased to 14ml over 2 hours without fortifier. Since then she has tolerated her feedings well and is now up to 18ml over 2 hours with fortifier! The fortifier adds additional calories to the breast milk, helping Ava to gain weight. Speaking of weight, Ava gained 20 more grams tonight and is up 130 grams since birth. She is now 1lb. 15 oz, getting closer and closer to the 2 lb. mark.

Ava did start to have some yellow build-up in her right eye. The doctors do not seem to be too concerned, but as a precaution put her on antibiotic eyedrops. It could also be a blocked tear duct, which is also common for a baby this small. Will keep you posted on that. Speaking of keeping you posted, Jen is feeling much better. She has finished her antibiotics and is basically taking zero pain medication. The concern is that she still has a pocket of swelling right above her incision. We have a doctor’s appointment again tomorrow evening, so hopefully that goes well.

Everyday Jen and I now Kangaroo. We rotate days and both look forward to our time with her SO MUCH. Last time I was Kangarooing, I decided to read Ava her first book, “Good Night Sleepyhead.” She really seemed to like the sound of my voice and I really liked reading to her. I think that might start to be a new tradition… Last night we had Jen’s parents as visitors and tonight we had my parents. It has been SO GREAT to have both sets of Grandparents so close. They have done EVERYTHING for us from cooking, cleaning, shopping, cutting the grass, etc. Basically anything to make our life easier they have done… THANK YOU! Tonight we also had a surprise visit from our friend Bilal, all the way from Pakistan (actually he flew in from Germany) to just see Ava. Talk about a support network!!!

Ok, so it is definitely time for me to go to bed. I hope you like the pictures below (a couple more of Ava sucking her thumb) and you all have a great Wednesday. Thanks again for all of the prayers, you are all incredible. We are so fortunate.

Ava, Jen, and Evan






One thought on “Eating more and Gaining some Weight!

  1. Evan,
    Again and again, thank you for writing these updates on Ava and Jen. We look forward to hearing how you are all doing and anxiously wait to hear how many grams of weight Ava has put on each day. Almost at 2 pounds!! WOW! She’s amazing and so beautiful and she does have wonderful grandparents. God bless all of you.

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