Quick Update…Don’t want you to worry

Good evening everyone. I am exhausted so this will be a quick update, but I didn’t want to not post something and make anyone worry.

On top of our daily trips to the NICU, home life has been..Hmm.. CHAOS! Our incredible painter Kevin, finished our house late Saturday, which was great. But now we have to clean everything because of all of the construction dust and then put the house back together. Fun, fun! On top of that, Jen I a decided to keep our original baby shower date of October 28th (Pam and I’s Birthday too!). Yes that is 4 weeks away, but the catch with that is we never registered before Jen was admitted to the hospital. And WOW, I had NO CLUE how difficult registering for your first baby would be. If anyone has any pointers, we are totally open for suggestions. And then on top of all that, I go back to work tomorrow. It will be hard, but I cannot complain AT ALL. Best Buy and Magnolia have been SO GOOD to us through this whole process! Thank you.

Now onto to the important stuff. Ava has gained a little weight and now weighs 1 lb. 13 oz. Every little bit is good news. She didn’t seem to like the milk fortifier very much (this gives additional calories to the breast milk to help gain weight), but they tried it again tonight, so hopefully she tolerates it better. She is still off all oxygen support and IV’s and simply has her feeding tube. Below are 2 pictures from tonight. One of Ava flexing her muscles and biceps and another of her little hand squeezing Jen’s finger while she Kangarooed. Pretty cute.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for everything.

Ava, Jen, Evan




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