Ava sucks her thumb for the first time

Good afternoon all….Hope you are having a wonderful day! Couple updates, but then I am including a bunch of pictures, because everybody has been asking for more pictures (and we are proud to share!). Also, I went back through and added some pictures to the older posts (just an FYI).

Ok so, Jen’s incision is actually doing a little better the past 2 days. Instead of using a wheelchair in the hospital, she has been walking more (I let her walk in now, but still wheel her out). We were supposed to see Dr. Garmel tomorrow, but she actually saw us in the NICU waiting room and checked it out today (again GREAT DOCTOR!). She said the incision looks better and is pleased that the redness went down. So, hopefully this C-section torment will come to an end soon, since it has already been 13 days.

Ava is now 815 grams, which is almost 1pound 13oz. She is also still tolerating her 13ml feedings over 2 hours, which is great. Jen got to do Kangaroo Care with Ava again, because she is tolerating it so well. Yesterday, she actually did it for over 2 hours! While doing Kangaroo though, we did have another first…. AVA SUCKED HER THUMB FOR THE FIRST TIME….so cute! She has been trying for a couple days and she finally figured it out (pictures below).

Other than that, our house/kitchen remodel is almost done. That has been exhausting along with everything else, but it will be great when we are finished. House is getting painted the next 3 days, then it should be pretty much all set.

Thank you again for all the messages, prayers, and support. And thank you for letting us know that you enjoy the blog. Hearing that our story has helped people in some way really means a lot to us. That is one of the reasons we have decided to share so much. Thanks again and have a great night.

Ava, Jen, and Evan








3 thoughts on “Ava sucks her thumb for the first time

  1. It was amazing to witness her sucking her thumb!! She is already as beautiful as her parents! I am already looking forward to seeing all three of you next week.

  2. Hello Evan, Jenn, and baby Ava! I read quite a few of the postings and saw the photos and I just wanted to say congratulations on becoming parents and I am glad to see everything continues to improve with regards to Ava! I will keep checking in to see how everything is going, but I know things are only going to keep getting better! Good luck, my thoughts and prayers are with your family!

  3. Hi to the three of you! These postings are sooooo precious and fun to read! You are a good writer Dad! You put in all of the details that I espically like! Thank you for the additional pictures that you added, I went back and checked them all out! I love each one! The thumb sucking ones are so cute! So are the one’s of your kangaroo time Evan, that had to be a thrill for you!
    I am happy to hear that you are beginning to feel better, Jen! Don’t forget to rest! That is not only important for Ava but for Mom’s, too!
    The Renfer clan continues to pray for all of you!
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Annie and Ron

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