Brain Scan Results and more!

Today is Day 9 for Little Miss Ava and she continues to do amazing. You all know she is off all oxygen, breathing on her own. She has been doing fantastic with this, even when she gets weighed or changed or her bed remade. Breathing without a tube seems to make other things head in the right direction as well. She was having some mucus in her nose and some irritation on her lips, but now that is cleared up because that oxygen tube is out. She was being a little stinker before they took it out, as she kept finding her tube and was tugging at it. For now, she only has her feeding tube in [which yes, she has been trying to suckle!] and an IV in her arm, which she gets her nutrients and lipids [fats].

Speaking of finding things……Friday she was definitely feeling her face. She was pinching her cheek, touching her eyelids, even tried to suck her thumb. She was hilarious too with sneezing like Daddy [six in a row!] and hiccuping. Ava is just an amazing little baby.

We did not post anything about her bilirubin test. They draw her blood from her heel to test this, but it tells doctors how her liver is processing and developing. If her numbers aren’t where they need to be, they will put her under a phototherapy light and she wears a little mask to protect her eyes. As we post pictures, you may see the blue light and mask. She has been on and off of her light, but has been off for the last three days. The docs say it is normal and may take a while for her to stay off permanently. With the rest of her great progress, we are optimistic.

Finally for the drum roll…..Miss Ava had her brain scan on Thursday. It is always scheduled for 7 days after birth, however they scanned her one day early. I am so thankful to report that there was no bleeding on the scan!! I grabbed the doc’s arm and started crying, since we were not expecting the results until Friday. We are so happy. Her next scan is Day 28, which we are praying for no bleeds then either.

Diaper changing and taking her temp is going well. She has hands on time every three hours or four hours, depending on her feeding schedule. We have learned to keep the old diaper underneath her as we change her because she peed on it before Dad could finish changing her, just as the nurse was showing us with all of the cords and equipment. Pretty funny. She is also eating well, as you know she was having issues digesting her food. She is up to 9cc’s now and is 1 oz. over her birth weight. 1 lb, 11 oz. Go Ava go!

We continue to realize how blessed we are and every day somehow love Ava more and more.

Evan, Jennifer and Ava







3 thoughts on “Brain Scan Results and more!

  1. Dear Evan, Jen, and Ava,

    I just read all this because Marlene sent an email with the link… I am sitting at the kitchen table just bawling.

    First of all… Your whole situation just… I feel so blessed to have my two healthy babies. I know I should be fibbing and not admitting that it makes me think of myself, but we all relate to each other by putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and as I think about the worry and fear you all have been dealing with, I just am so grateful for my blessings. It helps me not be bitchy when Holly doesn’t want to wear pants or Oscar throws mushed peas all over the wall… It reminds me what matters.

    And second of all, on that same note, you are both just amazing. The positivity and focus on the triumphs and the small steps that mean big things is so inspirational. I am full of admiration for you both – for your strength and perseverence, for your courage, and for your faith in the meaning of things.

    Ava is a blessing that has filled your family and given you a new way to love, and sharing that with all of us reminds us how to do it too. Thank you for taking the time, during this crazy life stage, to share that with all of us.

    May we soon see Ava pantless and throwing peas!!!

    Thinking of you daily,
    Rachel, Rod, Holly, and Oscar

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