Post #29 – September 21st, 2012 (Ava is breathing on her own!)

Good morning everyone! Baby Ava just wanted to say hello and tell all the Chopp Family and Friends that she is now a week old and continuing to be so strong. Yesterday she was taken off all oxygen support and breathing completely on her own (might have to go back on if she gets too tired, but 12 hours off and she was still good). They also moved her to her belly as you can see in the picture. Just a quick post, but wanted to show all of you how beautiful Ava Lillian is after being only a week old.

Continued thanks for everything you have done. Jen and I talk multiple times a day about how we feel so lucky to have all of you. What did we do to deserve this incredible group of family and friends? We just feel so lucky!

Ava hopes you all have a great day!

Evan, Jen, and Ava



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