Post #28 – September 20th, 2012 (A bunch of FIRST’s)

Good evening everyone…. I know I owe you all an update. Right now I am sitting by Ava’s incubator, while I type this….TOO CUTE! It has been a busy couple of days, so I will bullet point a couple highlights.

1) Jen came home yesterday after a month in the hospital and was SO PUMPED! She loved the new kitchen and Ava’s Room so much. The house would not have looked as good without the help of our wonderful moms who spent ALL DAY cleaning up. Jen referred to our place as the ‘Chopp Spa’ because everything looks amazing. We are so happy to truly make a perfect home for our Ava.

2) I basically tell everyone I see about Ava…including the cashier at Bob Evans.

3) We made a roadside breast pump exchange last night…..pretty hilarious actually. Our great friend and amazing mom, Emily, decided to help us out and let us have her pump…we met halfway between our houses at some shady gas station off of Ecorse and 275. Made the exchange…HAHA!

4) Ava had some congestion in her nose (just like her dad) and this was causing her to have retractions (using extra muscles to breath). They gave her nasal spray this morning and it helped out a bunch. She is breathing much better today.

5) Ava was also not digesting her food yesterday. Even though she had a bowel movement, she still wasn’t taking down her food. Today has been better, but she is still not always digesting her food. The docs do not seemed to be too concerned and this sounds fairly normal for a baby this age.

6) Yesterday, Jen got to take Ava’s temperature and change her diaper…. And today I got to do both things too!!! Just incredible.

7) And finally, just the sweetest thing EVER!!! Jen got to hold Ava last night and we got our FIRST FAMILY PHOTO!!! Wow!

So as you can see a jam packed couple days, but we continue to be SO THANKFUL. Everyday is a good day and we are so blessed to have all of you. I cannot continue to say HOW TALENTED this ENTIRE STAFF at Oakwood in Dearborn has been. The Doctors, Nurses, and entire staff here has been SO GOOD TO US ( especially Jackie  ). Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers. We are so lucky!

Evan, Jen, and Ava


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