Post #27- September 18th, 2012 (First Bowel Movement)

Quick update… After a couple tough days, Jen is feeling much better. She has been experiencing a spinal headache which has been terrible to see her deal with, but she didn’t require a blood patch surgery and we were able to control with medicine. So since she is feeling better, Jen is getting discharged today after being in the hospital for a month! While on one hand this is exciting for her, it is also scary because we have to leave Ava at the hospital.

In terms of Ava, she continues to do very well! She is still only on the nasal canula for her lungs. On a big positive, she had her first bowel movement last night, which is huge because it shows her digestive system is functioning. But she hasn’t been digesting properly since the bowel movement so hopefully her body remembers how to quickly ( doctors say this happens ). This morning we saw Ava and Jen started talking about the animals on her blanket and Ava kept opening her eyes. Then we started talking about taking her to the zoo and she SMILED! So cute. I guess we are going to the zoo when she gets bigger. 

Thanks again for all each of you have done and also please say thanks to all the people you have asked to pray for us. I know it has made a huge difference and we really appreciate everyones support. Hope you all have a great day, and just remember every day is a good day!

Evan, Jen, and Ava Chopp


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