Post #26 – September 16th, 2012 (Off C-Pap!)

Good morning everyone….. Just wanted to give you the 48 hour update… First starting with Mom (strange for me to type that referring to Jen), she is having a little bit of a rougher night/day. She has had some strong pains in her sinus area and her neck. This is more than likely from the spinal anesthesia that she had before the C-section. The doctors have a plan to fix and the first step is caffeine. For those of you that know Jen, she doesn’t ever drink coffee or pop, so it is pretty strange for me to see her drinking a Pepsi.

Now for Ava Lillian…. 48 hours in and she is continuing to be so strong! In terms of her lungs, yesterday, they actually removed her from CPAP and placed her on canister air (I know that is probably the wrong name, but it is simply two little nasal prongs that go in her nose and flow low levels of oxygen in). In general this was another positive step… The nurses in the NICU say that Ava is wild. Basically Ava likes to cry and wave her arms and legs all around. She does this for a while, then calms down because she is tired, then usually starts back up again. While it is a little hard to see her cry, this is actually a good sign, because it shows she has strength and energy. Ava actually now weighs 1lb. and 9oz. This is normal for most babies to lose a little weight after birth, but then slowly gain back. All in all, she is doing well and continues to get stronger every day.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with myself, Jen, and Ava! Your prayers and support mean more to us than you could possibly ever know. Each day we are so thankful and truly appreciate all the gifts we have been given in our lives. Hope you all have a great Sunday!

Evan, Jen, and Ava Lillian Chopp


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