Post #23 – September 14th, 2012 (Ava’s Birthday!)

At 9:22am, we welcomed Ava Lillian Chopp into the world! Jen had a successful c-section and is recovering very nicely. 

Our daughter Ava Lillian is an extremely strong baby girl already. She was born at exactly 27 weeks and is doing very well. According to the doctor he is “cautiously optimistic”, which we are very happy about. 

Even though she is small (only 1 pound 10 ounces) she is very strong!! The biggest concern was her lungs and so far they are doing good and she even has a possibility of coming off the et tube this weekend! In general Ava is stable and with everything going on… Stable is good. Oh yeah and she is gorgeous of course!

We love you all and really appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers. I know they have helped in this whole process. More updates to come, but being honest we are exhausted. 

Evan, Jennifer, and Ava Chopp


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