Post #16 – September 8th, 2012

Thank you again to everyone for the messages and great wishes today and every day. They sure mean a lot. It was definitely hard to miss opening GameDay at the Big House. We did watch the game on TV, wore our GameDay shirts, did all of the band cheers, and had nachos together….just the three of us. Sorry, no big screens today. Jen had a good day today, not great but definitely good. A few pains here and there, but as you can imagine in this situation it’s tough to know which pains are normal pregnancy pains and which ones are ones to worry about.

Well, Baby Chopp has a new nickname: Overachiever Baby! Starting at 24 weeks, Baby Chopp’s heart rate is monitored two to three times per day. In the morning between 6am and 7am, she is monitored for at least 20 minutes [NST: non stress test], where starting at 28 weeks, the docs look for at least two accelerations in her heart rate. Prior to 28 weeks, they do not necessarily expect to see this. Well… guessed it! Baby Chopp has passed her NSTs with flying colors since August 24th! So the nurses and docs call her Overachiever Baby.

Also, yesterday I forgot to update you on Baby Chopp’s approximate size. At 26 weeks the average baby is 1.75 pounds and 14 inches long (size is compared to a Hothouse Cucumber). But, my guess is that Baby Girl Chopp is above average!

Some other updates is that we got the nursery painted. The color we chose was INSPIRED LILAC (or a light lavender). We especially liked the name because our baby has already been so inspiring! It turned out SO COOL! I know some of you asked if we had registered, but unfortunately didn’t register prior to Jen checking into the hospital. Might need some help from some of you local moms on that one. Will keep you posted.

We hope you all had a great day and just try to remember, every day is truly precious and we should all make the most out of each day! Thanks again.

Evan, Jen, and Baby Chopp




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