Post #13 – September 5th, 2012

First of all, thank you all for all of your kind words, encouragement, prayers, thoughts, funny notes, wishes, cards, gifts, and ways you are letting Jen and I know you love us. We are so lucky, it’s really overwhelming at times to think of the great people in our lives. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

A few updates for everyone – Baby Chopp is 25 weeks, 5 days today! What a great day! We can’t believe it’s been two full weeks already since Jen has been in the hospital and two weeks and a day since the rupture. Jen had an ultrasound today and saw Baby Chopp moving around safely. Also what Baby Chopp was doing was practicing her breathing!!!!!!! Babies at this stage begin to take in fluid and it expands in their lungs to help them to practice what it will be like breathe oxygen. Champ Baby Chopp was practicing today. The doc said we don’t always get to see that in an ultrasound, so what a blessing to see that not only was there a little fluid to measure, but also she was using it as she grows stronger and closer to delivery. 

On that note, we did not update you all on Jen’s ‘new’ due date. The former due date was December 14th and we know many of you were hoping for your birthdays or even a Christmas baby, but the new date Jen will go to is November 2, which is 34 weeks. Typically women with ruptures do not go further then 34 weeks, simply because the risks outweigh the rewards. By 34 weeks, Baby Chopp will be able to do really well and may not even need a trip to the NICU. 

On that note, we were able to visit the NICU as well and met some of the incredible people that work there. It was a very warm and inviting environment with cute white clouds painted on the blue ceiling. The NICU here has 5 pods, with room for 6 babies in each pod. Right now, they have 22 babies growing bigger and stronger as we speak! It was amazing to hear some of the stories and hear the success of so many children. We did meet with the head of the NICU on the first day Jen was admitted and to be honest with you, it was quite overwhelming, pretty scary, and a lot to take in. Many of the things that were talked about are already out of the picture as we move to completing Week 25! However, the doctors here are Oakwood are angels and we are blessed to be here. 

Jen had a great roommate Rachel, pictured in our fun GameDay tailgate from Saturday (with her family), however, Rachel has moved to the private room. There are nine beds here on this floor and the longer you stay, the closer you are to staying in the private room. Jen was sad to see her go yesterday, but they will still be visiting daily I am sure. 

Here’s to another great day. Love you all, Evan, Jen & Baby Chopp


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