Post #9 – September 1st, 2012

So just a quick update tonight… I am really trying to take my own advice around every day being a good day…

The good news is that today was the start of week 25 and Baby Chopp is still growing inside her mom This seemed so far away when we checked into the hospital last Wednesday. But it is here and we are so thankful. We also had so many gifts/calls/prayers/emails/etc today that were so thoughtful. More updates on that tomorrow but we really appreciated everything today. 

The tough part of today was that Jen just didn’t feel well… She had some more bleeding, felt light headed, had a sore back, in general had a rough day. Hopefully after a good night sleep she will feel better

But today Is a good day. Thank you again for all the prayers… Goodnight

Evan, Jen, and Baby Girl Chopp


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