Post #6 – August 28th, 2012

Another milestone today! Today is one week from the rupture, which is allowing Baby Girl Chopp to beat some of the statistics. Of course our child is going to be a stat-breaker; this we are sure! We know she is such a strong baby already. 50% of women go into labor just days after the rupture, and another 25% go into labor within a week. Sunday night was a very rough night with bleeding and not feeling very well, but as the day went on everything improved. Even though this is a roller coaster, each and every day is such a blessing and so special. Please take a moment today to just stop for 5 minutes and be thankful for everything in your life. 

Antibiotics continue through tomorrow and Jen gets a new IV tomorrow. The IV must remain in, in a situation that Jen must deliver. Also her blood is taken to ensure there is blood in the bank, in case that is needed as well. We have gotten to know most of the nurses that work here and are truly special people. One that had been off for a few days called in to check on Jen and is back today, so we are building a small family here at Oakwood. Jen’s Doctor is also amazing, a U of M grad for both undergrad and for medical school so of course there is a lot to talk about there. She used to be a server where Jim and Marlene met in Ann Arbor!

The highlight of each day is hearing Baby’s heart beat. She sounds so strong and so healthy. She is also a mover! Being most active at night, when the nurses monitor her she always moves around so much, almost playing games with them to try to find her heart beat. 

Thank you for another blessed day!

Evan, Jen, and Baby Chopp


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