Post #1 – August 23rd, 2012

So…since we have the BEST friends ever….that CARE so much… We decided to just start a message board to keep you posted (hard to keep up with all the texts/calls). This one might be long, since it is the first. To start, we are at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Room # 489-1. Our phone number here is 313 436-3959 (this is sometimes easier than cell phone).

Today the baby is 23 weeks and 6 days old….Tomorrow is a BIG DAY, because she turns 24 weeks. Everyday she is getting bigger and stronger! So EVERYDAY is a good day!

Jen had a good night last night and slept as well as possible (it was especially hard, because I couldn’t stay). This morning she got her second steroids shot to help the baby’s lungs/organs develop faster.

So here is the medical scoop. Basically Jen had a rupture in her amniotic sac which causes the amniotic fluid to leak. The baby can continue to grow with the leak, but the main concern is an increased risk of infection (for Jen and Baby). Because of this Jen will more than likely be in the hospital until she delivers. So hopefully she is in the hospital for a VERY long time.

We are both in good spirits and just taking things hour by hour…day by day… We love you all!

Evan and Jen


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